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For many of our clients, the language services we provide aren’t one-off projects completed in the space of a day, week, or month. For business decisions with millions or billions of dollars on the line, due diligence and research can take months, with a demanding timeline and challenging industry focus.

An analyst at a hedge fund with $2.5b AUM approached Cadence with a multifaceted set of requirements for a monthly translated transcription project. The subject: government board meetings on the Puerto Rican sewage and sanitation system.

Bespoke requirements included:

  • Highlight only the speech of certain individuals, budget summaries, and other specific topics broached during each meeting;

  • Deeper cultural context in addition to the direct translation;

  • A 24 hour turnaround time between conclusion of the meeting and receipt of the translated transcription.

Cadence Solution

Due to the extended timeline of the project, and the client’s need for both speed and specific information from each meeting recording, the client’s Cadence account manager recognized that having a single, dedicated linguist for the entirety of the project would best serve the client’s needs.

Together, the account manager and the linguist crafted a custom set of deliverables for each meeting:

  • A short email summary immediately after each meeting with key points as detailed by the client;

  • A full transcript of the meeting, including the linguist’s comments with additional cultural context, screenshots from the video recording of the meeting, and more;

  • Regular follow-up phone calls with the linguist to answer additional questions from the analyst.

Impact and Results

Rapid reporting and actionthanks to deep understanding of the client's priorities and goals, the linguist is able to provide an email summary within an hour of the completion of the meeting, allowing the client to take swift action on any majorly impactful news.

Streamlined workflow: the client no longer needs to conduct follow-up calls with the linguist thanks to consistent quality and understanding of client needs by both the linguist and the Cadence account manager.

Enhanced insights: consistent use of the same linguist for the client’s project allowed Cadence’s linguist to systematically improve the end product with each iteration, creating a more valuable and focused report for the client’s consumption.



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