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When you think of professional interpretation, you might think of UN-style interpretation, which involves pre-written speeches and painstaking loyalty to the source material. Success is defined by the accuracy of the interpretation. For business meetings in the private sector, however, success is often not defined as much by precision as it is by the client's ability to achieve a desired outcome.

A major private equity firm (USD $14 billion+ AUM) submitted a request for an upcoming investment committee (IC) meeting in London. However, instead of a pitch meeting, this meeting was convened alongside the leadership of an investment target. The Cadence interpreter would be tasked with helping to achieve an incredibly impactful goal: convince the French leadership of the target company to approve a majority buyout.


Cadence Solution

For a job with so much at stake, it was essential to find an interpreter who had both industry and contextual experience. In this case, the ideal interpreter would possess a deep knowledge of investment, finance, and business strategy as well as an understanding of how leveraged buyouts work, enabling the interpreter to align their interpreted messaging with that of the client's.

Fortunately, the Cadence account manager was able to connect the client with an outstanding interpreter with experience interpreting for the French Ministry of Economics and Finance as well as numerous high-level business strategy meetings with major management consulting firms.


Impact and Results

Thanks in part to Cadence's interpreter, the private equity firm successfully convinced their target company to approve the M&A deal. The private equity firm purchased a minority stake in the company in 2018.


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