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At Cadence, transcription is more than just turning audio into a written document. Our team of research transcribers specialize in turning audio of any quality into professional documents with 99.9% accuracy and fully customizable formatting.

A client of ours, a leading expert network (USD $X million in annual revenue), approached us with a request to transcribe custom events they host for their community on the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Such events are essentially pay-per-view webinars in which a moderator hosts a discussion on an industry development, change in government policy, or other issue with major industry ramifications. Due to the nature of the calls, the audio files were full of incredibly technical terminology, proper nouns, and company names.

Cadence Solution

Of the thousands of audio files we've transcribed, 90% of them come from expert network clients, so we know that getting a file 99% right is worthless if the missing 1% contains the figures and company names the client is after. Our Head of Transcripts, who personally oversaw this project, understood that AI-powered tools, and even many of our best transcribers, would not be enough to generate a serviceable transcript if it wasn't checked by a medical professional.

Fortunately, our Head of Transcripts was able to draw on Cadence's robust transcriber community to find a retired MD with transcription experience, whom he immediately assigned to oversee QA for all future projects from this client. The two partnered to create an entirely bespoke QA workflow, including:

  • Advance research of planned event topics to create specialized glossaries for transcribers;
  • MD consultation during the actual transcription process to assist active transcribers;
  • Complete QA conducted by the MD of every transcript prior to submission;
  • Creation of a custom style guide based on MD expertise and client feedback on proper documentation.

Impact and Results

Rapid turnaround time: With advance notice of each event, Cadence has been able to implement the client's custom workflow flawlessly, optimizing turnaround time to the point where every the 2+ hour audio from every 6 PM event is fully transcribed before the beginning of the next business day. 

Professional quality: Thanks to the expertise of the assigned project QA, Cadence is routinely able to return transcripts without misheard or mistranscribed words. The event host even wrote the team directly to offer positive feedback, saying:

What I have gotten back from you guys has been amazing quality and I look forward to being able to rely on you all for consistently great results!

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