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Analysts from a major management consulting firm seeking to speak to local Chinese experts on the plastics, shipping, and scrap metal industries hired an expert network to set up a series of in-person meetings in the greater Shanghai area.

The expert network, a regular Cadence client, came to us to arrange interpretation. Not only did they need a linguist with niche experience in manufacturing, plastics, and metals, they also needed someone willing to travel in the greater Shanghai area and able to commit to a week-long series of in-depth meetings.

Cadence Solution

The client’s Cadence account manager drew on the firm’s extensive pool of 2500+ linguists to find the perfect match. They were able to secure a single experienced Mandarin-English consecutive interpreter in time for the entirety of the analysts’ visit; Cadence prioritizes staffing a single interpreter for series of meetings due to the natural improvement in interpretation quality and rapport gained between client and linguist.

Impact and Results

Despite last-minute changes to scheduling, including meeting locations being changed literally overnight, the analysts were able to both conduct their meetings without issue and glean the insights they sought thanks to the advisors and interpreters provided.

The clients were so satisfied with the information they received that after returning home to London, they requested the same interpreter through Cadence for a series of follow-up calls with other China-based advisors.




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