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conference calls

Enabling multilingual communication, wherever you are

Covering external communications, due diligence, and internal company communications, we believe that sensitive business discussions require confidence and clarity, even across the language barrier.

Why Cadence?


Our linguists are professionally trained and highly experienced, with preference given to those possessing advanced degrees in translation and interpretation from reputable universities worldwide.

Finance Industry Professionals

Our founding team spent most of their careers working in finance. We know just how painful it can be to sit through a call or meeting with bad translation. Our interpreters are specially trained to serve institutional investors; they’re not just well-versed in complex financial jargon, but also in the formats and desired outcomes of different meeting types.

Bespoke Matchmaking

From the minute you submit your request, our dedicated account managers are there to assist you every step of the process. Our associates draw on a pool of over 2,500 linguists in 400 cities around the world to find the perfect match for your project.

Complete Confidentaility

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance, both to us and our clients. Our compliance procedure comprises rigorous supplier vetting and back-to-back NDAs governing our relationship with both clients and linguists.

Use Cadence to find the perfect linguist for your next conference call.

You value your time, and so do your partners. Simultaneous phone interpretation allows everyone to speak in their own language at their own pace, leading to more natural and more productive discussions. The translation takes place instantaneously and in the background, so you never have to wait for the translator to finish or sit through a long-winded foreign speech wihtout knowing what's going on.

What we offer:

Two professionally-trained conference interpreters dial in to the secure line provided by you or Cadence. Interpretation happens real-time, with the opposite party's speech reduced to a low murmur while the linguist interprets their speech directly to you without pause or delay.

We recommend Simultaneous phone interpretation for your next:

  • Earnings Call
  • Due diligence call
  • Market research call

Sensitive business discussions require confidence and clarity, even across the language barrier. Our standard phone interpretation service ensures that every detail gets communicated correctly and securely. Our linguists are professionally trained, experienced in your sector, and subject to strict vetting and compliance procedures.

What are the benefits:

We staff one professionally-trained linguist with industry background to dial in to a secure line provided by either you or Cadence. Our interpreter then interprets both yours and your client’s speech into the other party’s native language throughout the call.

We recommend meeting interpretation for your next:

  • Earnings call
  • Due diligence call
  • Market research call
Alex Mussard


"Cadence's service speed is particularly helpful for our Connections department, where clients hope to gain specific market insights as quickly as possible. With timelines tight, Cadence has delivered at lightning speed; 8 minutes is our current record from Cadence’s initial email to getting an interpreter on the line."

Alex Mussard
Operations Coordination Manager at Third Bridge
Graham Skinner


"Cadence has always been the most professional and responsive language vendor that we work with. We receive responses from their reps within 30 minutes max and their interpreters have been consistently highly qualified and knowledgeable, making them our go-to option for any interpretation need."

Graham Skinner
Quality Control Specialist at Capvision Partners
Luis Fermin


"I have worked with Cadence numerous times and they have provided astounding services. They are very responsive and their team is working 24 hours to deliver our requests. Our experience with Cadence has always produced very satisfactory outcomes!"

Luis Fermin
Account Manager at Atheneum Partners

Learn how a professional interpreter can impact your next meeting.