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call transcription

Turn call audio into research-ready insight

Our clients conduct hundreds of calls on a monthly basis. If you're like our clients, you find recording call notes to be an essential but laborious piece of the process. That's where our call transcription service comes in.


Our call transcription product is designed not just to be fast and accurate, but customizable and tuned to your individual research needs.

Why Cadence?


We understand who reads our transcripts: analysts, consultants, and high-level executives who expect industry terms and company names to be recorded with a high degree of accuracy. Our editors are educated, native English speakers who are professionals in their field and segmented by industry vertical. 

Tech-enabled Processing and Delivery

Industry-leading tech is at the core of who we are.  From bulk ingestion and delivery via API to an audio scoring algorithm that proactively identifies potential delays to an interactive click-and-play transcript, we leverage top technology at every stage of the process.

Competitive Turnaround Time

We recognize that speed to insight is crucial.  With 24-hour global team coverage, we're always available to process your call when you need it. Our competitive turnaround times are consistently tailored to your needs.


Our clients’ trust is our lifeblood, and core to that trust is the security of your data.  All staff members undergo comprehensive compliance training, and all audio files and transcripts are processed on our secure servers protected by muti-factor authentication. Upon delivery of your transcript, all files are automatically and irretrievably purged from our system.

Use Cases


Expert network calls between clients and experts.
Policy meetings with international government officials.
Instructional videos on financial theory and terminology.

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