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Survey Translation

Actionable insight, without the language barrier

Cadence offers both quantitative and qualitative survey translation for a variety of sectors and domains, including private equity, due diligence, market research, pharmaceutical research, and more.


We work with leading market research companies, consultancies, and expert networks to provide surveys and discussion guides tailored to their language and technical needs.

Why Cadence?

Translation Technology

We use SmartCat, a secure and cloud-based Translation Management System, for seamless processing of all survey filetypes (including XML).

In-Country Linguists

Our carefully-vetted translators translate into their mother tongue, for the most natural and accurate possible translation.

Follow-the-Sun Availability Model

With offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Singapore, our team is available to respond to your survey request in minutes.

Industry Expertise and Training

Our translators (as well as our staff) receive ongoing training with respect to technical know-how, industry terminology, and more through our Caddiecademy, facilitated by 360 Learning.

Industry Compliance Standards

Data security is of the utmost importance at Cadence. Reach out to learn more about our deletion protocol, file handling practices, and non-disclosure agreements.

Surveys We Translate

Private Equity Surveys
Due Diligence Surveys
Market Research Surveys
Medical Surveys
Expert Network Surveys
Discussion Guides
Focus Group Materials

What Sets Our Survey Translators Apart

Our survey translators complete training courses related to due diligence and private equity, in addition to technical know-how. In addition to providing high-quality translations, they are trained to detect and flag survey items that could be optimized for a certain locale.