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Cadence Translate provides language services that enable investors and consultants to attain better business insights across the language barrier. Our interpretation, translation, and transcription services power global due diligence, M&A, and investment.

Team talking

We offer interesting and varied careers for those looking to advance their own professional development and aren’t afraid of a challenge and hard work.

Our primary career path is the Client Service Associate program offered in Beijing, Riga, Singapore and Los Angeles. It is designed for driven young professionals eager for a role that is equal parts demanding and rewarding.

Your time will be spent on our Product Desks focused on project management and client services.

Associates' eligibility to progress into a managerial role opens up beginning from their 18th month within the program.





Post Associate role, you have the opportunity to progress up the Client Service team. Our biggest team by far within Cadence. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on cross-functional projects with other teams at Cadence, such as: 


  • Demand Generation, focuses to scale our company through business development, marketing and sales operations.
  • People Operations, manages the learning, development, and overall lifecycle of our language professionals and employees.
  • Platform Development, builds out the technologies and user experiences of our company.
  • Business Operations, manages finance, shared services, and procurement within the company.

See who is on each of these teams and learn more about potential colleagues in our company profile at The Org.

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Jessie, Stephanie, Chloe team meeting

We take career development seriously. 

We serve an exclusive niche of investment and consulting professionals across the finance industry, from private equity firms and hedge funds to expert networks to management consulting firms. Working with us gives you daily and direct access to these clients.

We hope to launch an alumni network of Associates to further live up to our goal to be a springboard for Associates.

Our Perks

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We’re an international team with multiple nationalities represented across our offices. We offer a warm, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere regardless of age, race, or gender.

Open House Event


We offer a variety of social events on a regular basis which have included happy hours, rock climbing, karaoke, ice skating, and, of course, amazing team dinners.

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We provide full medical insurance and working visas for our team members in all offices.



We’re a small company with big aspirations. Joining us now gives you the opportunity to get in at the ground level and build something truly special.

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Our client-facing roles provide unique opportunities to expand your professional network and create connections that will hold value even after Cadence.



Our company serves international investment and consulting clients around the world. From Beijing to Buenos Aires, we’ll give you exposure to how clients from every corner of the world do business.