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expert networks

Enrich client insights across the language barrier

Expert networks serve the largest and most reputable financial and corporate clients in the world. They demand the most reliable, niche, and industry-specific knowledge available to inform their investment decisions, which is exactly what you, a member of these networks, exist to provide.


Of course, not every expert speaks the same language as the client seeking knowledge. With years of experience at multinational capital markets firms, our management team has been on the client side of these calls dozens of times. We know the pivotal role an interpreter plays in these interactions, which is why we draw on our pool of 2,500+ trained interpreters with background in interpreting the topic of discussion.


Compliance is also of the utmost importance to us. We provide secure phone lines and back-to-back NDAs to ensure that not a word leaves the call.

What We Offer

Conference Call Interpretation

Conference Call Interpretation



Our Clients

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Person Name

“Cadence has excelled in many business aspects that we hold in high regard including service, speed, quality and price. Cadence successfully handles our very technical, complex requests and provides project support across time zones, which is essential for our global team. I am extremely satisfied with the service we have received.” 

Alan Baldwin
Survey Manager at Coleman Research
Alex Mussard

"Cadence provides an essential service to us in allowing us to facilitate countless engagements between our clients and industry specialists across many different vocations, industries and geographies where they do not share a common dialect. In a world where speed is everything, Cadence delivers - fast. Not only are they a pleasure to deal with, their speed, efficiency and professionalism has enabled us to help broaden the minds of countless clients across the globe."

Alex Mussard
Operations Coordination Manager at Third Bridge
Hitomi Kageyama

"As LYNK's preferred translation vendor, Cadence has played a significant role as the language bridge between our Japanese experts and English-speaking clients. I've been consistently satisfied with both the interpreting quality and speed of delivery; the Cadence team has had no problems connecting us with linguists for calls just 24 hours away! Keep up the good work!"

Hitomi Kageyama
Vice President at Lynk

Don’t take our word for it...


Expert network calls between clients and experts.


Policy meetings with international government officials.


Instructional videos on financial theory and terminology.