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Let our moderators interview advisors on behalf of
you or your client.

Cadence moderators speak your language: from English to Korean, Portuguese to Mongolian.


With our bespoke training under their belt, our multilingual moderators can efficiently guide experts towards your desired insights.


Our moderators hail from a variety of backgrounds: including expert networks, consulting firm, research institutions, and conference interpretation.

Why Cadence?

Moderator Training

Our moderators undergo a rigorous vetting process as well as a thorough training course, delivered via our learning platform (Cadence360).

Moderator training targets the development of crucial moderation skills related to pacing, probing, and compliance.

Finance Industry Professionals

Our founding team spent most of their careers working in finance. We know just how painful it can be to sit through a call or meeting with bad translation.

That's why we only staff those interpreters who are specially trained to serve institutional investors; they're not just well-versed in complex financial jargon, but also in the formats and desired outcomes of different meeting types.

Bespoke Matchmaking

From the minute you submit your request, our dedicated account managers are there to assist you every step of the process.

Our associates draw on a pool of over 2,500 linguists in 400 cities around the world to find the perfect match for your project.

Complete Confidentaility

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance, both to us and our clients.

Our compliance procedure comprises rigorous supplier vetting and back-to-back NDAs governing our relationship with both clients and linguists.

Moderating a call


What We Offer

Our pool of moderators include professionals in nearly every timezone. When preparing a moderator for your call, our associate team carefully matches a moderator with the appropriate background and skill set.

Our  moderators specialize in:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare/Life Science
  • Financial Services
  • And more...



Are you a professional interested in joining our community as a moderator?

Click here to apply via our linguist application.