Privacy Policy

Cadence is committed to the privacy of our users. Whether you are a paying subscriber, have registered with Cadence to conveniently participate in meetings arranged by others, or are browsing our site to learn more about our service, we take seriously our obligation to protect your personal information.

We will only use the data that you provide to us (including your name, E-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, and similar information you provide about others) to facilitate meetings organized by you and by other users of our service. We will normally not distribute this information to other organizations for their independent use.

We log the date, time, duration, calling line identification, and other information about telephone calls (including Voice-over-IP calls) to and from our meeting service. If you participate in a Cadence meeting, we will make this information available to the meeting organizer, to other participants, and to the party responsible for the charges associated with the meeting. This information may include (but is not limited to) your E-mail address (usually also made available to us by the meeting organizer), your name as registered with us, and the telephone number(s) and/or IP addresses or other network identifiers used to access the service.

The Cadence system has the capability to dial out to meeting participants. You can control under what circumstances the system will automatically call you, including disabling scheduled dial-out calls. Our automated system still may call you to verify your ownership of telephone numbers you provide to us as part of your registration with Cadence; we will inform you when we do this.

We realize that many people want to limit the disclosure of certain phone numbers, such as mobile phones or home office numbers. If you register your number(s) with Cadence, we will “mask” your phone numbers (block the last four digits) in the displays and reports that we generate.

We use E-mail, at the addresses provided by registrants and by meeting organizers, to send information related to specific meetings, and related to administration of accounts including billing. We may also, from time to time, send E-mails to provide general information regarding the operation of our service and/or features associated with it. Emails not related to specific meetings or billing or administrative actions will be sent no more frequently than once per month, unless exceptional operational conditions warrant otherwise.

Meetings may be recorded, including audio and display content. Hosts can enable or disable the recording features. The meeting organizer may make these recordings available to others, either through our service or some other means. Your identity and any content you share may be disclosed as part of this process.

Cadence has the capability to automatically inform participants that a meeting is being recorded. If this capability is not enabled by the applicable account administrator, then the meeting organizer assumes the responsibility for informing participants of the recording, if required by applicable laws and regulations.

You may pay for our service by allowing us to charge your credit card. We never display credit card numbers, and we pass the numbers in encrypted form to our credit card processing partner for storage. We only use your credit card to settle your Cadence charges.

Cadence cooperates with law enforcement and other government authorities. We may disclose personal information to these organizations when we reasonably believe that they have a legitimate and lawful need-to-know.

If you violate our Terms of Use, including (but not limited to) attempting to defraud or disrupt the operation of our company, you forfeit any and all protections provided under this Privacy Policy.

We make use of cookies and similar browser technologies. We do this to allow you to easily access your profile without needing to repeatedly log in, and to remember your preferences. These technologies also enable us to show you ads about Cadence when you are visiting other sites.

Revised 17 Feb 2017