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Build your brand overseas

Your quality of communication directly affects how customers view you, how partners support you, and most importantly, how your team performs.

We help corporations have better meetings with their stakeholders, build bigger audiences for their brands, and bridge internal cultural and language gaps between business units around the globe.

Cadence's business translation solutions cover a broad range of corporate affairs:

  • Market research & focus groups
  • Sourcing & manufacturing
  • Corporate communications
  • Global town halls
  • Investor relations
  • Public relations


Our Clients

We interpret for DiDi's periodic town hall meetings across the globe, building company culture across the language barrier.

We translate the listings for Brook Brothers' new seasonal clothing offerings for use in the Chinese marketplace.

We provided on-site interpretation for a series of training sessions on how to implement environmentally-friendly supply chain practices.

Andrew Chung

"Cadence made meetings with both our local partners and clients at least twice as productive and efficient as ever before."

Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at Picarro, Jean Ann Berthold

Learn how a professional interpreter can impact your next meeting.

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