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Cadence Translate’s Linguist Academy

A finance and investment knowledge base for professional interpreters, translators, and language professionals

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What is the Linguist Academy?

At Cadence Translate, we’re committed to providing our clients with language services that help them unlock better business insights across the language barrier, whether it’s an interpreted due diligence phone call, in-person M&A meeting, or translated earnings report. However, our ability to deliver all of these outcomes to the rigorous standards of our clients rests on you, our linguists.

Even though we employ a regimented matchmaking process that connects our linguists with clients based on their industry specialization and experience, we believe that part of what sets our linguists apart from our competitors is their familiarity with our clients’ business goals. As the majority of our projects revolve around the investment cycle, we strive to present linguists who are deeply knowledgeable about the finance world (and the interactions that take place when money is being moved).

Of course, we know that not every one of our linguists is finance-savvy (at least not yet!). That’s why we we're creating the Linguist Academy, a free resource and knowledge base for our community to level up their finance knowledge.

Our Community on the Linguist Academy

The Linguist Academy provides interpreters with useful finance industry knowledge that helps them hone their skills and generate better business outcomes for their clients. 

Barry Olsen

Associate Professor at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey

With the Linguist Academy, Cadence is doing something few other language providers are: expanding their community's knowledge to the benefit of both interpreter and client.

Laura Burian

Dean of the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education at MIIS

The Linguist Academy provided me with foundational knowledge of the investment process in an engaging format, opening my eyes to new interpretation opportunities that I’m excited to explore further and equipping me with tools to delve deeper into the subject.

Mariel Rowe-Heupler

MA Candidate, Language Interpretation and Translation, at MIIS

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