[Infographic] What Takes an Interpreter from Good to Great


Greg Eiselt

The interpretation and translation industry worldwide has been rising steadily, hitting 45 billion USD worldwide this yearDespite machine learning and AI advances, machines wholly replacing interpreters is quite a way off, especially in formal business settings (case in point).

With so many agency and freelance players in the industry, and more appearing every month, how do you as the consumer separate the wheat from the chaff?

Take it from us, it's not an easy task; we've matchmade 10,000+ interpretation and translation jobs and sometimes it's still challenging to find the perfect fit for a particular project. We've drawn on that experience to provide a checklist of essential tips to keep in mind when hiring an interpreter for your next business meeting.

 Of course, if you want to skip the hiring process altogether, just contact us and we'll take care of everything!