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Our next Open House Event

Do you want to learn more about Cadence? Come to our office on one of the below-listed dates for free lunch and a chance to learn about us.
May 17th, 2022
Los Angeles

About The Event

Open House Event2

Are you tired of Zoom University? Come see our gorgeous set of offices and meet our team! Over the course of 90 minutes you will:

  • Get a tour of our co-working space
  • Meet our local Associates who are recent university graduates, just like you
  • Get a presentation and have Q&A with our CEO or other senior leadership, as shown below
  • Enjoy a delicious free meal


We will cover questions like:

  • What is a typical day like?
  • Work/Life balance
  • Professional development
  • "Culture carrier" trips


Who You'll Meet

Matt Conger
CEO, based in LA
Kim Mogindol
Head of People, based in Europe & Singapore
Brandon Towers
Brandon Towers
Operations Manager, based in Los Angeles
Michelle Mo
Associate, based in Los Angeles


We'll meet you at reception
You'll have the cell phone of the local office manager to help with any logistics. Note that some of our co-working space require COVID-19 vaccination proof to enter.
Campus and office tour
We'll walk you through our gorgeous co-working spaces and the specific offices where we work.
Meet the team
Chat with the local Associates to learn about their motivations for joining Cadence and what they've liked (and not liked!) in the role.
Lunch and mingle
Enjoy a tasty lunch while hearing a presentation from a senior leader. Be sure to bring your questions!

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