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Linguist LogiN

We value a lot of things: our team, our brand, the trust of our clients and the quality of the service we deliver them.

But nothing is more valuable to us than you: the translators, interpreters, and language professionals that power our business every single day.

Our Standards

Our network of 2500+ language professionals represents the finest talent in the industry - many are graduates from the world’s best academies and have interpreted at the world’s most prestigious summits.

But talent, training, and experience are just the baseline; when we recruit language professionals to work with Cadence, we evaluate against three important standards.

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Learn With Us

The best part of our profession is that we’re constantly learning new things:

new languages and new vocabulary, new technologies and business models, new developments in the global economy and society.

At Cadence, we like learning together.

We host regular lectures, webinars, trainings and community events that help us all grow together as professionals. Recent topics have included:

  • How to Start your Freelance Career?
  • Ethics, Etiquette, and Compliance
  • Money Talks: the Language of Finance
  • Remote SI: Tools and Techniques
  • The TILM Tools of the Future

Work With Us


We receive translation and interpretation requests from clients around the world and around the clock.

If you’re a dedicated language professional that meets our standards, you are invited to apply to join our freelance community and work with us and our clients on a flexible, per-assignment basis.

Language Specialists

Every year, we invite a select number of top-performing professionals to join our team as in-house language specialists.

These language specialists receive a guaranteed monthly income and have the potential to earn additional bonuses for reaching utilization targets and earning positive client feedback.

In-house language specialists are recruited on a rolling-basis and are typically selected from our community of freelancers; please apply to learn more.

“Real-time translation” isn’t a thing. Why don’t you call it “simultaneous interpretation”?

Glad you noticed. We’ve worked in the language industry for a long time, have been personal practitioners of both written translation and oral interpretation, and have tremendous respect for the difference.

Most clients, on the other hand, generally don’t know the difference -- they go out looking for a “translator for their meetings,” and at some point we made the decision to put the customer’s preference first and market all of our services as different forms of “translation.”

We know it’s a little awkward, but remember: it’s just marketing.
Internally and in our communications with “linguists” (also a loose use of the term) we are very precise about the scope of these professional services.

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