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Why Cadence?

Cadence was founded in 2014 by two Americans based in Beijing with a unique goal in mind: to disrupt an industry they found brimming with possibility yet frustrating to navigate. Combining their unique backgrounds in management consulting, private equity, and simultaneous interpretation, they created a company focused on serving both client and linguist alike.

The client sectors we serve are ones that are underserved by traditional language services firms: investment and management consulting. Despite an oversaturation of language service providers, Cadence’s client list continues to grow thanks to the unique value proposition we offer:

  • A commitment to high-quality customer service;

  • Industry-friendly pricing;

  • Impeccable interpretation, translation, and transcription services.

That impeccable language service delivery is where you come in.


A quick note about the term "linguist": We use this as a catch-all phrase referring to our greater community for the benefit of client understanding. Rest assured that internally we are very precise about our service offerings.

Cadence Community Values



We believe that every linguist we staff should be an extension of our client’s internal team, whether they’re accompanying their client to a high-stakes business meeting or translating an earnings report. Our linguists embody the same level of professionalism, decorum, and responsibility that a client would expect from a full-time team member.


Commitment to Excellence

Our rigorous certification process (detailed below) ensures that those individuals who are admitted to our community display consistent dedication to accurate and insightful language outcomes. Our clients are top performers in their industries, and we provide them with linguists who are as well.


Lifelong Learning

While our linguists are professionals at rendering speech into other languages (or from audio into text!) every member of our community possesses one common trait: an intellectual thirst for knowledge. We strive to create a community of impassioned and curious individuals through professional development and challenging assignments.



Our linguist community is made of up friendly individuals that understand the importance of respect for both their clients and their peers. Rudeness, irritability, and similarly unprofessional behavior are not tolerated within our community.

Community Testimonials

In nearly 10 years of professional interpreting, my experience with Cadence as a freelance language provider is one of the best. The team is extremely communicative and proficient at handling scheduling and logistics and I always feel respected and valued as a member of the

Yui Hosokawa
JP-EN interpreter

As an interpreter based in a city with limited
demand for the language pair I offer, Cadence
offers a unique opportunity to work on
challenging, varied, and interesting projects with
clients from around the world.

Alexandra Schmidt
FR-EN-RU interpreter

As someone who's constantly traveling between
different countries, I've found Cadence incredibly valuable as a reliable source of income no matter what time zone I'm in. The assignments are always interesting and the team is always a joy to work with.

John Ellis
PT-EN interpreter

My favorite part about working with Cadence is
the consistent opportunity for new and
challenging assignments. No matter how many
assignments you do, the nature of the work
ensures that there's always a new challenge
waiting should you be willing to accept it.

Rob Xia
CN-EN interpreter

Benefits of Working with Cadence

Flexibility of work

We offer 24/7 availability for project staffing. Whether you’re based in Texas or Tokyo, we guarantee that we’ll have suitable work on offer for you whenever you want it.

Access to elite clientele

Cadence’s primary consumers are from the investment and management consulting industries. You’ll frequently be interpreting for investment analysts and C-suite executives during high-stakes interactions that potentially influence the movement of millions of dollars.

Robust research sources

As a Cadence linguist, you’ll have access to the same research materials that our clients use to help inform their reporting and investment decisions. Everything from research journals to financial publication subscriptions to niche due diligence reports at your fingertips will ensure that you’re overprepared for every assignment.

Professional development resources

Cadence linguists have access to a knowledge base designed to help them better understand how their clients do business. Cadence-exclusive resources, such as Cadence360, provide you with deeper insight into specific areas of the investment industry to help you better understand your clients’ business objectives, while community membership itself gives you access to professional peers with whom you can collaborate when facing challenging or unfamiliar topics.

How Our Interview Process Works

For our clients, quality and professionalism are paramount. Therefore, we maintain a rigorous certification system to ensure that any linguist we staff on client requests will be able to deliver the service they require.

Should you decide to apply, your application will be subject to a 3-5 step certification process.

Step 1
CV review

Submitting your CV via the form below will forward it directly to the Cadence team for review.

Step 2
Identity Verification

As your CV is being reviewed, you will be invited to submit a quick 5 minute identity verification check.

 Note: For file based translators and editors, a separate step from Step 3 & 4 will be shared via email.

Step 3
Recorded interview (For Interpreters and Moderators only)

After your CV is approved, you’ll be invited to submit a recorded interview via a third-party interview service.

This step of the certification process is an assessment of your skills, industry specialties, and engagement potential. During this recorded interview, you will be asked to talk about your professional background, including selecting a number of industry specialties (ideally with specific examples) to discuss as well as giving us an idea of your availability for Cadence work.

Step 4
1:1 Remote interview with Cadence (For Interpreters and Moderators only)

After you pass your first interview, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule a remote interview with one of our Cadence team members.

This step of the certification process will serve as both an opportunity for you to further expound on the skills and industry knowledge you expressed during the recorded interview as well as an assessment of your culture fit with our organization.

Step 5

Should you pass the final interview, you will officially be presented the opportunity to join the Cadence community. You will receive your welcome packet from the team and will begin to receive job invites and access exclusive professional development resources.

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