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Client Service Associate

We are hiring a Chinese citizen for our Beijing office! Located close to Sanlitun, this exciting job allows you to immediately work in the world of hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and consulting firms.

Important: Please note that we are targeting a start date of no later than October 8th, 2019. Candidates ineligible for this timeline need not apply.

The Client Service Associate Role

The company has an account management team called Client Service (CS) and the CS role will help bring clients along the journey from being interested to being paid clients.

The Associate is responsible for:

  • Matchmaking between client requests and translator/interpreter availability;

  • Recruiting new translators/interpreters as needed;

  • Project management of large-scale translation/interpretation requests.

Day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Using Salesforce to review a pipeline of projects and determine a prioritization;

  • Phone or in-person briefings with CS team for project management updates;

  • Writing emails and managing sales cadences to cold prospects (“I’m from a company called Cadence…“) or warm (“Thanks for getting in touch with us at Cadence…“);

  • Using LinkedIn to chronicle client information on Salesforce;

  • Chronicling your interactions in Salesforce.

Target annual compensation shall comprise a monthly base salary of RMB 8.5k and a commission. The KPI for the role shall be based the profitability of the projects you manage.

It is expected that, after a two-week training and orientation, you will be able to manage up to 100 requests per month within this two-year program. The career track for this role is to rise in our Client Service team as an Associate, then Account Manager, and then Vice President.

Desired skills

  • You are native in Mandarin and speak fluent English;

  • You find passion and value in servicing;

  • You are able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment;

  • You are easy to communicate with.

Ideal background

  • You are a recent college graduate or have 1-2 years’ work experience in a sales or customer service role;

  • You studied finance or translation/interpretation as an undergraduate or have some exposure to the finance industry;

  • You’ve utilized CRM tools in the past such as Salesforce.

Perks of working with Cadence

Professional development:

  • Direct access to clients in some of the world’s most important and fast-moving industries, such as hedge funds and consulting firms;

  • All-round mentorship from fulfillment to leadership and constant bootcamps on finance and due diligence industries;

  • Periodic sales trips to leading cities of Asia to meet your clients in-person.

Employee benefits

  • Social security package;

  • Supplementary social security insurance for Chinese citizens;

  • Paid annual leave.

Work/life balance:

  • Fitness rewards;

  • Company outings;

  • Western-style office environment at WeWork and culture diversity within the team.

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