Associate Intern

We are hiring new interns in all of our offices (Beijing, LA, Singapore). We are also hiring for interns ahead of opening our newest office in the Baltics.

The role is identical to our core Associate role, but you'll be focused on our so-called "trading desk" the whole time. More details are below.

Job Responsibilities

Associates connect our clients with the linguists and editors that help to power their multilingual due diligence and market research. 

For summer interns, this is a 6-8 week full-time internship, with successful candidates being extended a full-time offer to rejoin Cadence as an Associate upon graduation.

For fall & spring interns, this is a 20 hour/month part-time internship, with the same ability to receive a full-time offer as our summer interns. 

In this fast-paced role, an Associate can expect to interact with up to 20 projects on any given day.

You will begin your tenure as a member of the trading desk. In that capacity, you are focused on project management and primarily communicate with language professionals. Day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Project management of large-scale translation/interpretation requests;
  • Using Salesforce to review a pipeline of projects and determine task prioritization;
  • Matchmaking client requests according to translator/interpreter/transcriber availability;
  • Phone or in-person briefings with account managers for project management updates;
  • Recruiting new translators/interpreters/transcribers as needed using LinkedIn and other communities;
  • Chronicling your interactions in Salesforce.

During the internship, you will be focused on these responsibilities. But you will also be able to observe the sales desk. In that capacity, you are focused on client communications and project scoping.

  • Responding to client service requests within 10 minutes;
  • Providing feasibility statements regarding cost and timing to clients;
  • Delivering any translations, transcriptions, or call summaries to clients within 20 minutes;
  • Engaging with new and dormant clients with outbound prospecting;

Practically speaking, the two desks form a symbiotic relationship to enable client success, so strong teamwork and communication skills are a must.

Working Hours

The Associate Intern role is demanding. It requires long hours, as well as an "always on" mentality. Successful Associate Interns will demonstrate resilience in the face of these demands. 

We have structured working hours to balance our clients' needs with the goals for predictable work by our Associates.

The following applies to summer interns only. Fall & spring interns will be subject to working hours based on the student's schedule.

  • Monday through Friday, you will have dedicated "desk time", where you are expected to be present and support the goals of your desk;
  • One or two days a week, you will have three hours of protected "off-desk time", where colleagues cannot schedule meetings and you can ensure free time on your calendar for personal errands or side projects.
  • "Aftermarket" coverage refers to passive monitoring of projects and email on weekends. Associates should expect to spend up to one of every four weekend days on this aftermarket coverage.


Qualifications & Ideal Background


  • You speak English fluently. Bonus points if you are also fluent in another language;
  • You're not afraid of the long hours that come with rapid professional development at a small and growing company;
  • You find passion and value in client service;
  • You solve problems independently;
  • You are able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment;
  • You are easy to communicate with;

Ideal Background

  • You are a rising sophomore, junior or senior;
  • You are studying international relations, finance, or business;
  • You’ve utilized CRM tools in the past, especially Salesforce;
  • You have lived in more than one country.


Compensation varies by office but this will be a paid position. Candidates will be paid at 70% of the salary that full-time Associates make on either an hourly or monthly basis. Please refer to those individual job descriptions on our careers page for such salaries.


Professional development:

  • Annual allowance to fund professional development expenses (e.g., online classes, test prep).

  • Direct access to clients and problem-solving in some of the world’s most important and fast-moving industries, such as hedge funds and consulting firms;

  • Daily experience with important industry software such as Salesforce and HubSpot, with ability to receive official certifications;

  • Ongoing training on the finance and due diligence industries.

Work/life balance:

  • Company outings.

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