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Member, Board of Advisors

Cadence is assembling a new Board of Advisors and we are seeking participants who are eager to advise us at both the executive- and working-levels of the company.

Please note: this role is by invitation only and subject to a background check.

Scope of Work

Most advisory boards are focused on giving the CEO guidance on a quarterly basis (or even less frequently). We want our advisory board members to be much more integrated into our company. Responsibilities would include:

  • Mentorship and development of the managers on one of our multiple teams. You should be primarily affiliated with just one of our teams, but willing to chat on occassion with members of the other teams. 
  • Periodic check-ins with company leadership (CEO, Head of People) regarding team member progress and development potential. This includes participation in our regular semi-annual performance reviews.
  • Willing to host a Level Up* at your organization, or if you are not part of an organization, willing to help arrange a Level Up. 

*Level Up is a secondment program available for high-performing Associates to get real-world experience in their desired Cadence track. No fees are paid by host organizations. 

We also hope that advisors will engage with our team in the environments where we spend our (digital) days, such as Slack, Confluence, Jira and Salesforce.

Compensation & Commitment

We offer two compensation options:

  • Hourly for those who are interested in 5-10 hours per month of support
  • Monthly for those who are interested in 20-40 hours per month of support

Compensation is paid in either cash or as a donation to a charity supported by our company.

In terms of duration, we expect this to be a 12-month commitment with extensions being decided based on the mutual interest of both parties.

Interested in this role?