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Recruitment Process

We aim to run a transparent process for our core Associate and Associate Intern roles.

If you haven't already, be sure to apply here. Read on to learn what to expect in the interview process.

Our recruitment process is designed to evaluate three crucial areas: the skills a candidate can bring to their role, their ability and willingness to learn, and the potential for growth that Cadence can offer them. In particular, our culture and career fit interviews are vital in ensuring that both Cadence and the candidate are the right fit for one another.

Matt Conger

CV/Resume Application

Feel free to attach a cover letter as an appendix to your CV/resume. We love to see examples of how your experience can be applied here at Cadence, why you think you'd be a great fit for our team, and displays of resilience and hustle within prior roles.


Video Application

You will be invited to record, at your convenience, answers to a few questions via video. 


We have all our fair share of Zoom calls recently, so just think of this as a one-way self-introduction on Zoom!


(Optional) Coffee Chats & Information Sessions

We host 1:1 coffee chats and group information sessions from time-to-time.

Details about this will be shared if you pass the video application.

Have questions prepared about the role. You will not be asked any questions, as this is really about you learning who we are.


Case Study

You'll be asked how you'd handle common situations as an Associate. Multiple examples will be provided so that you can understand what we expect.


Behavioral Interview

You'll be asked to cite examples from your background that resemble the types of challenges and opportunities you'll face as an Associate.


Career Fit

The final interview is jointly conducted by Cadence's CEO along with our Head of People Management. Depending on timing, this may occur as two separate conversations on the same day, or one conversation with both of us.


This is an opportunity for you to explore where Cadence fits into your broader professional career arc as well as learn more about the future of Cadence as a company.


Meet an Associate (or Two!)

Before you accept an offer with Cadence, we want you to meet your peers. This might take the form of coffee or lunch at our office for local candidates, or a get-to-know-you over Zoom for remote ones.


Get an Offer!

We'll confirm with your which office you offer is coming from. You should already know what to expect in terms of compensation. This information is visible on the job descriptions, though our offer letter will include more information around benefits, start date, etc.

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