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Recruitment Process

Our process for recruiting varies depending on the role and team you apply for. That means some roles require you to take initial tests through third party platforms like Indeed.

Our recruitment process is designed to evaluate three crucial areas: the skills a candidate can bring to their role, their ability and willingness to learn, and the potential for growth that Cadence can offer them. In particular, our culture and career fit interviews are vital in ensuring that both Cadence and the candidate are the right fit for one another.

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Apply with your CV & Cover Letter

Make sure you put your best foot forward. We love to see examples of how your experience can be applied here at Cadence and the reasons why you think you'd be a great fit for our team.


CV Screening

One of our team will screen your CV. We look for CVs that clearly show an alignment of the skills we’re after and a passion to work with us.


Some recruitment cycles have seen over 300 applications for 5 positions. Make sure you do everything you can to stand out!


Skills Fit Assessment

For some roles, you will be asked to complete an assessment before your first interview. This could be an exercise in proofreading or a video-recorded interview with tasks to complete. If you are required to go through this stage, all the information will be provided to you in your invitation to the interview.


First Interview

The hiring manager from the team you have applied to will invite you for an interview at one of our offices. This interview will give you an opportunity to see what our space is like as well as meet some of the team. Some easy tips for preparation include:
  • Read up on what we do and the role you’re applying for.
  • Use the STAR response technique to help communicate your answers (Situation, Task, Action, Results).
  • Think about all aspects of your presentation. First impressions last!
  • Ask questions. This a great opportunity for you to ask us questions and find out more about the company.

Culture & Career Fit Interviews

For the candidates progressing to this round, you will meet more of our team in your culture and career fit interviews. The purpose of these interviews are to determine if your aspirations are a good match for our team and the career opportunities we have available. At this stage, if you haven’t already, you will meet a member of our Executive Team. Make sure you come prepared to ask them questions as well as answer their questions directed at you.


Offer extended

The decision to extend an offer is made by the hiring manager with input from all the people you have met along the way. When an offer is extended, it will include:

  • Position being hired for.
  • Manager and team details.
  • Contract start date.
  • Salary and benefits information.
  • Date to accept by.

Your First Day!

Get ready, your first day at Cadence will involve a lot of new faces and learning about the company and your new role!

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