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Recruitment Process

Our process for recruiting varies depending on the role and team you apply for. That means some roles require you to take initial tests through third party platforms like Indeed.

Our recruitment process is designed to evaluate three crucial areas: the skills a candidate can bring to their role, their ability and willingness to learn, and the potential for growth that Cadence can offer them. In particular, our culture and career fit interviews are vital in ensuring that both Cadence and the candidate are the right fit for one another.

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Apply with your CV & Cover Letter

Make sure you put your best foot forward. We love to see examples of how your experience can be applied here at Cadence, why you think you'd be a great fit for our team, and displays of resilience and hustle within prior roles.


Video Application

A member of our team will review your application. Compelling candidates will be asked to record, at their convenience, answers to a few questions via video. 


We have all our fair share of Zoom calls recently, so just think of this as a one-way self-introduction on Zoom!


(Optional) Coffee Chat

The hiring manager will invite you for a coffee chat on Zoom. 


Have questions prepared about the role. You will not be asked any questions, as this is really about you learning who we are.


Case Study

You'll be asked how you'd handle common situations as an Associate. Multiple examples will be provided so that you can understand what we expect.


Behavioral Interview

At this stage of the interview, you'll have the opportunity to meet another member of our leadership team. This interview is designed to further explore your background and gauge your fit with Cadence's culture and team.


Career Fit

The final interview is conducted by Cadence's CEO along with a current member of the Associate team. This is an opportunity for you to explore where Cadence fits into your broader professional career arc as well as learn more about the future of Cadence as a company.


Offer extended

The decision to extend an offer is made by the hiring manager with input from all the people you have met along the way. When an offer is extended, it will include:

  • Position being hired for.
  • Manager and team details.
  • Contract start date.
  • Compensation information.
  • Acceptance deadline.

Your First Day!

Get ready, your first day at Cadence will involve a lot of new faces and plenty to learn about the company and your new role!

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